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Cannabis Vacation Guide

3 Marijuana-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Have to Visit


You can smoke a blunt in Jamaica, get your medical card in Venice Beach, visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam, or book a Bud and Breakfast in Colorado. But, where else would a wanderlusting cannabis fanatic journey? Kick back, relax, and check your paranoia at the gate; the days of hiding your pile in taboo places while perspiring your way through security are over. You can travel easy, knowing a selection of sweetened cheeba will be waiting for you upon arrival at these three, fun-filled, marijuana vacations. Bon voyage!


Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Tenerife, the major Canary Island off the coast of Spain and West Africa, claims beautiful beaches, beautiful weather year-round, elegant resorts, and delightful cuisine and around 50 cannabis social clubs (CSC) showcasing locally-grown cannabis, Moroccan hash, and a beautiful selection of locally-produced distillates. Functioning in a legal grey area, travelers might encounter problems gaining admission to a CSC. If that's the case, buddy up with a local in advance for a fuss-free knowledge. And think of to keep it on the down low to avoid any run-ins with the law. Those in the know endorse visiting in September for ideal weather and sensible prices.


Seattle, Washington

Whether you're using Seattle as a jump-off point to travel everything Mother Nature has to deal or you're capitalized in seeing just what makes the Emerald City tick, you'll sincerely enjoy the journey. Known for coffee, rain, Hemp Fest, and the place of birth of flannel-clad grunge bands, Seattle has a flourishing tech industry, thrilling music scene, and coffee houses on most corners. Dispensaries are abundant. Spots such as Herban Legends, Ganja Goddess and The Green Door deal a wide variety of recreational cannabis goods, from edibles to distillates and everything in between. Once you're feeling lifted, check out the view from the Space Needle, watch sellers toss fish at Pike Place Market, whale-watch in the San Juan Islands, or set out on a mountaineering escapade through the rainforest in Olympic National Park.


Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is an artsy city with a bohemian vibe. Admire the city's art deco architecture, waterfront promenade, elegant theaters, and colonial homes. Grab a bite at one of the numerous local steakhouses. Walk to restaurants, museums, clubs and galleries, or take a bus to the pristine white sand beaches. Plus, Uruguay is the only country in the world that's completely lawful entertaining cannabis.